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Propelled by innovation

Herd strives in seeking out the A-list, slickest and most creative blockchain companies through a combination of extensive research, technology, formative connections and accessibility to a rich and diverse alliance of talents.


We are value added investors

Herd is one of the few VCs with in-house developers, designers, marketers, and legal. Our network spreads from Western Europe to Asia and Africa. We help by bringing more than just capital.


Thesis driven

At Herd Ventures, we introduce more buoyancy to new crypto venture projects to foster a world thriving on blockchain. With crypto investments on the rise and amazing projects rearing their head every single day, we are fully dedicated to building promising companies. Thus, we leverage a traditional long-term venture approach to fund great blockchain projects we believe have massive potential. Naturally, we are incredibly picky about the projects we choose to support. Our specialists conduct end-to-end fundamental and technical analysis, as well as evaluate the results before something is added to the consideration pool. As the world increasingly jumps on the crypto bandwagon, with developing countries at the forefront, Herd Ventures is determined to provide sustainable returns to our investors.


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